Adam Bluhm is originally from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and has always been interested and fascinated by technology. It all started when he figured out how to program his graphing calculator in High School...

Adam then moved to Calgary, Alberta to attend DeVry University and graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. This is where he found his passion for web design and application development and he worked on several private website projects during University and after graduation.

He then worked at Webstylers Technologies Inc. as Lead Developer on their flagship web application designed to assist in project and client management. He also managed several website projects.

Adam then spent four years as Senior Application Developer at Skyplan Services Ltd. He was solely responsible for the design, development, maintenance, and support of their numerous and system-critical web applications. His work also focused on close working relationships with several technical and non-technical departments.

Finally, Adam decided to break out on his own and incorporated Adam Bluhm Consulting Ltd. in May of 2010.


Bachelor of Science in
Computer Information Systems
DeVry University

  • Class of 2005. Graduated with Highest Honors.

Quick Stats

Adam Bluhm Consulting Ltd.

  • Providing the absolute highest levels of quality and service.
  • Offering website design and custom programming for WordPress Blogs, Content Management, and Web Applications.

Senior Application Developer
Skyplan Services Ltd.

  • Created Fuel System which processed and stored approximately 5 million fuel records.
  • Created Skyplan API which allowed customers to generate flight plans, file flight plans with ATC, make weather queries, and communicate with aircraft via satellite link. Over 6 million requests processed.
  • Created custom System Monitor to detect and diagnose hardware and applications errors for system-critical systems.
  • Created flagship WebCTO web product to allow clients to run and review flight plans from any browser. Over 1.2 million flight plans processed.

Technical Skills

API / Web Applications



JavaScript / AJAX



Photoshop / PSD to HTML












Current Work

President June 2010 - Present

Adam Bluhm Consulting Ltd., Airdrie, Alberta.

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  • Greenwood RC
  • Metro Label
  • Sustainable Hamilton
  • Adelaide Place

Recent Work

Senior Application Developer August 2006 - June 2010

Skyplan Services Ltd., Calgary, Alberta.

Solely responsible for design, development, and support of all web applications in the client user area and communication interfaces.

  • Worked independently and with Flight Planning Engine team and Operations Department in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Excellent prioritization and time mangement due to tight deadlines and changing requirements.

Fuel System

Fuel price management system allowed Sales Department to upload price sheets and adjust markup values for client searches.

  • Supported XSL, CSV, and TXT import formats.
  • Markup values could be a fixed amount or a percentage, or assigned by global default, country, airport, range, or user.
  • Processed and stored approximately 5 million records.

Skyplan API

Expansive XML interface designed to allow customers to connect to various Skyplan systems with strict XSD schema validation.

  • Allowed customers to generate flight plans, file flight plans with ATC, make weather queries, and make select changes to their Skyplan database.
  • Enabled uplink and downlink communication (weather and flight plan revisions) for en-route aircraft via satellite link.
  • Strict multi-layer validation ensured that requests were formatted correctly and all responses (including errors) sent from Skyplan adhered to the defined response schema.
  • Over 6 million requests processed over 3 year period.

System Monitor

Custom monitoring application created to assist IT Department and 24/7 Operations Department in detection and diagnosis of system errors.

  • Designed to support many different hardware and applications on Linux, Unix, and Windows servers.
  • User-friendly interface displayed colored lights to quickly identify the status of the monitored systems and greatly improved detection and response time.
  • Users could click any indicator light to display additional details, resolution steps, and identify which IT Staff were on call for support.

Usage Reports

Highly detailed usage reports used primarily by Sales Department on user account usage with historical analysis.

  • Reports could be generated for all customers or individual customers for various time periods.
  • Tracked daily or monthly usage and compared to record totals for individual users and clients as well as global usage.

User Account Manager

User and permission management system for the website.

  • Easy-to-use account administration for managers.
  • Managers could apply "permission packages" to user accounts or toggle permissions individually.

Weather Maps

Web product for searching and viewing various weather charts for different regions and forecasts.

  • Supported wind charts, significant weather charts, radar summaries, clouds and weather charts, turbulence and freezing charts, and satellite images.

Weather Query

Web product designed to allow basic and advanced users to retrieve weather from Skyplan weather server.

  • Point-and-click model for beginner users.
  • Command line input for power users to increase input speed.
  • Template builder enabled users to save weather commands to be run at any time with the latest weather.


Created Skyplan's flagship web product to replace client-server application to allow clients to run and review flight plans from anywhere without having to install any software.

  • Designed to cater to various user skill levels, from first-time users to power user dispatchers in Operations Department.
  • Configurable for multiple flight planning engines, user queues, and various user permissions.
  • Approximately 1.2 million flight plans processed over 3 year period.
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